We’ve been saying it for years so hats off to Robbie Williams for slamming the Brit Awards in a new song he wrote and recorded last weekend.

Robbie teamed up with his former song-writing partner Guy Chambers to write The Brits 2012 which was then released free online.

"Here's a gift from me and guy," Williams posted on his official website. "We wrote it on Saturday, recorded it on Sunday ... If you have kids in the room, don't play it."

The new track opens with a clip of an interview with Robbie before launching into a potty-mouthed rap: "Well that Brits night was so f***ing boring . . . Coke in the bogs till seven in the morning/Look the wrong way and we end up brawling/Then I had a bit of beef with you-know-who/and I f***ed a few female stars or two."

Listen to the song here but be careful now!

He describes last week's ceremony, which handed out gongs to the UK's biggest-selling acts, as "dull and professional and timid."

Williams performed at this year's Brits awards and presented a an especially-invented award for "global success" to One Direction on the night.

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