Saoirse Ronan has spoken about working with the all star-cast on Wes Anderson's new film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Ronan features alongside Edward Norton, Ralph Fiennes, Law, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Jeff Goldblum and Tilda Swinton in the movie which is about "the troubles and tribulations of Mr. Gustave, who serves as the hotel's perfectly composed concierge."

Speaking to RTÉ TEN at the IFTAs, Ronan said: “It’s been brilliant, we have dinner together every night and there’s Edward Norton and Willem Dafoe and Adrien Brody and Tilda Swinton and all these amazing people at the table.

"To have all these fantastic actors in one place is a bit like ‘Wow, ok, this is new.’ But it’s been brilliant, it’s been really good fun and there’s a good atmosphere on set. Wes just has a completely different way of working so it’s been nice to watch him work."

The Irish star also spoke about her forthcoming sci-fi film The Host, which is due to be released next month.

She said: “I am yeah I’m really excited. We’re starting to do press and everything now. Hopefully it will go well and people will like it.”