Mad Men star January Jones has confirmed that she will have a more prominent role in the show’s upcoming sixth season.

Her appearances on the AMC drama were limited last year due to her real-life pregnancy - with her character Betty appearing in just four of season five's 13 episodes.

"I'm in it more [in season six]," Jones told Vulture. "I can only say that, I think. We're halfway done [shooting] - and I've gotten to do a lot of weird stuff."

Speaking about Betty's future storylines, the actress said that she doesn't believe the housewife will "ever be completely happy" - despite leaving her first husband Don (Jon Hamm) for Henry (Christopher Stanley).

"She's one of those people who's always searching for something else, so even if she finds [happiness], I don't know if she'd recognise it," said Jones.

"It's sad, because Henry's a great husband and a great guy, and he took in her kids, and he's like this kind of perfect guy, and she's still searching for something."