Dublin Zoo is roaring about the newest addition to the big cat family.

On Monday 14th January, Ussuri, a two year old male Amur tiger joined Zeya and Shilka, two eleven year old sisters, in their habitat located in the Fringes of the Arctic at Dublin Zoo.

Ciaran McMahon, team leader of the big cats at Dublin Zoo said: "Ussuri is a remarkable cat and visitors can’t help being mesmerised by him. He weighs about 250 kilos, to put his impressive size into context, his paws are about one and half times larger than that of an adult male.

These striking tigers, recognised by their amber coat and narrow black transverse stripes, are built to hunt

"Ussuri is settling in well and has already established his dominance among the females in the habitat. He possesses the usual characteristics you would attribute to big cats including strength, power and prowess. However he is also quite a laid back and grounded tiger."

Ciaran continued: "There’s no need to worry about the recent drop in temperature because the cold doesn’t bother these guys. With a thick coat of coarse fur, Amur tigers are built for this weather."