Django Unchained star Christoph Waltz has said he didn't believe rumours about Quentin Tarantino being difficult to work.

The 56-year-old actor, who teamed up with the legendary director for a second time on Oscar-nominated movie Django Unchained, explained that he had no preconceptions about the award-winning director.

Speaking to The Huffington Post, Waltz said: ''I didn't have any preconceptions because I don't believe what I can read. I know it's media. For example, I don't read actors' interviews because I know what happens to actors' interviews - and there's no way in hell the interview would actually come across the same way it was being [written].

''I don't believe what you hear about Quentin being crazy and quirky. I want to see it for myself and sure enough, I saw something completely different and I liked what I saw infinitely better than what I could have read.''

Waltz, who recently won a Golden Globe for his role as bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz in Django Unchained, further explained that he didn’t feel burdened with making the film entertaining, adding: ''With Quentin, it's his thing. The burden on me, or my job rather because it's not a burden, is to make what Quentin wrote happen [on screen].

"The writer writes and the actor acts. I didn't come up with that, I didn't create that, I didn't make that funny. He wrote it that way. I just tried to do it justice.''