Neighbours actor Jackie Woodburne has admitted that she pushed producers to reunite her character Susan with Karl (Alan Fletcher).

The 56-year-old actress explained that bringing Susan and Karl back together is in keeping with what fans of the show want.

Speaking to TV Week, Woodburne said: "Fletch and I have been championing the story for a long time.

"We were both very, very happy to learn there was a possibility they may get back together. I think the fans definitely want this, too."

She added: "Going by what people tell me when I go to the shops, or when they write in, the first question is always, 'When do you two get back together?'

"That's lovely to hear, because that's what we've been asking writers for a long time as well."

Woodburne further explained that the on-screen pair, who have been separated for just over a year, are set to share an intimate moment in the near future, saying: "They have such a deep connection and a deep bond, and the affection between them has never gone away. They keep coming back to each other.

"Is it because it's familiar or easy, or is it more? I think Susan's been in denial for quite a while, and when she stops Karl, she just can't deal with what she's feeling at the time."