Actress Angeline Ball has said that she was "honoured" to have the opportunity to work with John Boorman and his cast on the recent RTÉ Radio 1 play, After Life.

Speaking to RTÉ TEN, she said: “It’s always lovely to get the call from John Boorman because he’s such a prolific, wonderful director and I’ve worked with him in the film genre [The General] and this will be my third radio [play].

"It actually feels like an honour, I think he wrote the parts of Áine and Joe with myself and Brendan [Gleeson] in mind, so that’s a lovely privilege.

“Also he writes so well and he has a great sense of humour, he’s brilliant to work with, he’s such a gentle man.”

“I think the cast is amazing, they’re all very, very skilled actors. When you have a group of people like that and you put them can’t help have nothing but goodness come from that...And we’re all there to make his [Boorman’s] work shine and lift it from the pages.”

The cast of RTÉ Radio 1's After Life

Speaking about working on a radio play, as opposed to her more regular mediums of film and TV, she said: “When you do [a] radio piece you’ve got to convince the audience of your character.

“We’re all kind of visual, everything is visual in this world and when you’ve got to convince them with your voice, the lightness, the darkness, the emphasis, you’ve really got to convince the audience that you are this character’re giving them a blank page [to use] their own creativity to fill in the missing gaps of visually what they think the character would look like.

"It’s a magical in that sense.”

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