Hollywood star Denzel Washington has admitted to taking a pay cut to star in the movie Flight.

The 57-year-old also predicted that other film stars will have to follow suit.

In Flight he plays an alcoholic pilot flying under the influence in the film, made for a relatively low budget of $30 million.

He told AwardsLine: "The studio wanted to do it for a price, and we ended up with (about) $28 million, and (director) Robert Zemeckis made it look like $100 million, especially the plane sequence. So he and I threw our money back in the pot, took a tenth of our salaries."

He added: "What I think has changed a bit is maybe five or six years ago they might have given us a $50 million, $60 million budget, or more, but nowadays the studios are tightening their belts . . . and neither of us wanted to walk away from it, so we did it.

"The actors, at least the big actors, will have to make a decision: do you want to cut your fee and do something good, or are you just in it for the ($20 million salary)?"