Niall Horan has been named One Direction's most popular member, according to sales figures of the group's dolls.

The Irish singer's plastic counterpart has outperformed those of the rest of his bandmates, with more than a quarter of 1D dolls sold being Niall's.

According to figures from, sales of Niall dolls grew by seven per cent on last year, while Harry dolls dropped by 15 points, putting him all the way down in third place behind Niall and Louis Tomlinson.

The Sun newspaper quoted Ulrike Wingenter-Davey, from Amazon, as saying: “It’s no longer the foppish curls of Harry but the Irish charm of Niall that seems to be a hit with One Direction fans.”

For the second year running, poor Liam Payne's dolls sold the least (only 14.7%).