Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell has criticised fellow former Home and Away star Melissa George for her recent outburst against the show.

Purcell had a short spell on the popular Australian soap in 1991 while George is well known for playing Angel Parrish on the show between 1993 and 1996.

George recently said on The Morning Show in Australia "My next call will be to Home and Away to ask them to pay me because nobody does more promotion for that ***king show than me.

"I love [Sydney] so much. I want to come home a lot but the stress that this has created in me is not worthy of my health. I think it will be the last time [I visit and work here] for a while, to be honest, because I just get too upset coming home.''

Speaking to the Australian Daily Telegraph Purcell praised the show as being a great way for young actor to improve their skills. He said of George "I'm not going to have a dummy spit like her. Just get humble for ****'s sake. See it for what it is. It's a tremendous training ground - that's the way I've embraced Home and Away. Melissa's remarks were uncalled for and immature.

"You've got to do your rounds and Home and Away is a great stepping stone for young actors. Chris Hemsworth is now one of the biggest stars in the world but Home and Away was like his NIDA (Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art).

"It's a wonderful way to learn about your craft, to get comfortable in front of the camera and get paid for it."

Melissa George is currently starring in the BBC One drama, Hunted.

Home and Away is on weeknights on RTÉ Two at 6.30pm.