Last night’s hour-long live Emmerdale 40th anniversary special saw Carl King killed off and two new arrivals to the village.

King (played by Tom Lister) was hit not once but twice in the head by a brick firstly by Chas and then by Cameron. Chas was defending herself from an attack from an enraged Carl who found out she was lying when she said she wanted to run away with him, and she fled the scene believing she might have fatally wounded him. But in fact it was Cameron who delivered the killer blow shortly afterwards after the pair rowed over Carl’s threat to reveal his relationship with Chas to Debbie.

The show’s producers had announced there would be a death in the live episode months ago but had kept the identity of the victim under wraps under last night.

Elsewhere Debbie gave birth to her and Andy's son, Jack, who she hopes will able to save his big sister Sarah from her life-threatening illness while Gennie gave birth on the floor of one of last night’s two wedding receptions to her daughter while partner Nikhil fainted.

Attention on the show will now turn to finding out who killed Carl.