Paddy Casey has joked that he may donate unused songs from his new album to Irish boybands who "have no songs to call their own."

The Crumlin singer, who survived and prospered after the singer/songwriter glut of the early noughties, is about to release his new album The Secret Life Of and he says that he had quite a few tracks left over from recording sessions with long-term producer Pat Donne.

"As for all the other tracks that didn’t make the album... I might take them down to O' Connell Bridge and sell them to passing boybands who, through deprived upbringings, have no songs to call their own. I blame the parents" Casey has (half) joked.

The Secret Life Of is released on November 9th and comes after a five-year break following the release of Addicted to Company Pt 1. Since then Casey has chosen to part ways with his major label and manager Paul McGuinness in a bid to get back to his roots.

The new album was recorded, produced and mixed at home in Casey’s kitchen by Paddy and producer Donne who has worked with Casey since his first album Amen (So Be It).

"Pat is responsible for me not throwing away a lot of songs, Saints and Sinners included," says Casey. "This will be my first completely independent record; it’s called The Secret Life Of because it’s a throwback to a recording style I used to have before I signed a record deal.

"The best thing about this album is that I veered off in any direction the wind carried me. I let my mind wander around and had fun, I suppose I had no one looking over my shoulder or watching the clock. In some ways it was like going back to the start, when I used to experiment lots on a four track making any kind of music I felt like on the day. If there is a theme it’s definitely something to do with freedom."

The full track list is: There Is A Light, Rise and Shine, The Love Harmonica, Show Me Yours, This Ain’t Love, Wait, That’s Just The Way It Goes, Tell Her, Light Song, It’s Really Up To You, Close Your Eyes.