Bob Dylan has started writing the sequel to his 2004 memoir Chronicles, and has finished chapters on his albums The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan and Another Side of Bob Dylan.

Two years ago Simon & Schuster announced plans for the second and third instalments of Dylan's memoirs. In a recent Rolling Stone interview, the 71-year-old musician said he has completed chapters on that hugely influential pair of albums.

"It would definitely start with records," he said. "I stumbled into a strategy of going into the future and into the past … The whole early part of the first Chronicles was supposed to be based on some old record – maybe Another Side of Bob Dylan … Some place in the 1960s. I was going to use that [record] and then I could go into the future. Well, what happened was that I … kind of just stayed there, and didn't really go into the future. When I started writing about the early days in New York, I found it all extremely interesting. When you start doing that, it amazes you what you uncover without even trying."

Mr Zimmerman finds revising the stuff is a tedious exercise. "I don't mind writing it, but it's the rereading it and the time it takes to reread it – that for me is difficult. The last Chronicles I did all myself." The work spent 19 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.