Justin Bieber was offered a role in the film adapttation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Boyfriend singer was appearing on the Jonathan Ross's chat show when he revealed film bosses have asked him to act in the motion picture version of the S&M novel by E L James.

Speaking on the show, which is to be aired tonight, Bieber said: “They actually want me to be in the movie!''

Justin also revealed to the presenter that he has banned himself from discussing his love life.

He added: ''At the end of the day I'm always going to be their Justin, regardless of who I'm dating.

''I like to make sure my fans are comfortable."

The 18-year-old further explained that he wants to be respected for his musical abilities and not for his handsome looks, adding: ''I love being young and being in the spotlight but I want to be taken seriously as an artist, be known for my music and not necessarily known for a flick of my hair.''