Noel Gallagher was offered the job as head-judge on The X Factor but turned it down much to the disappointment of his daughter Anais.

According the former Oasis guitarist, Simon Cowell personally offered him the job of head judge on the talent show ahead of Gary Barlow, but Gallagher couldn’t see how his personality would fit in with the show and turned it down.

Speaking to The Sunday Times Magazine his 12-year-old daughter Anais explains that she thinks her dad would do a much better job than thr Take That frontman.

She said: ''When he was called up to be a judge on X Factor last year, me and my [half] brother couldn't believe it when he said no.

''I was like, 'Why didn't you say yes dad?' I thought he'd be good as a judge. Gary Barlow is good, but dad would have been better.''