They’ve been together 30 years and this Monday The Pet Shop Boys release their 11th studio album album Elysium.

Over the course of their long career Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have delivered sparkling pop moments such as West End Girls and It’s a Sin, elegant reveries on chance and change (Being Boring), cynical love songs (Rent), and some very interesting collaborations (What Have I Done to Deserve This?).

Elysium already sounds like classic PSB with tracks including Requiem in Denim and Leopardskin and the possibly self-deprecating Your Early Stuff. In a recent interview they have said that the new album tackles the subject of aging and death.

Tonight at 8pm on RTÉ Ten you can catch Neil and Chris premiere a selection of songs from Elysium live from the Hebbel am Ufer theatre in Berlin.

Pet Shop Boys - Live broadcast on MUZU.TV