Ben Howard talked to Alan Corr at Electric Picnic about surfing in Doolin and his love/hate relationship with guitars.

The 25 year-old singer has been known to catch a wave or two in Doolin and said he enjoys the "good people and beautiful scenery. It's a good mix, i like going out there cause everyones just on level pegging".

When asked about his early inspirations to pick up a guitar, he confessed he has a love/hate relationship with the instrument. "I got thrust a guitar by my mum as a little kid and always played it. I sort of fell in and out of love with it, there were times when I hated it when I was ten and was forced to go to lessons... the last five or six years i’ve really been enjoying playing electric".

Speaking about his unique picking style, he said "I have problems with guitars, I hammer away at it sometimes and I also do little intimate picks, I'm always looking at new guitars and little extra tweaks and stuff, i like to mix it up a bit".

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