Martin Scorsese is being sued by producer Cecchi Gori over an alleged deal to direct the film Silence back in 1990.

Gori claims he invested $750,000 in the project which Scorsese was supposed to direct when he completed his 1997 film Kundun.

The Hollywood Reporter says that in 2004 and 2011 Scorsese signed deals with Gori so he could direct The Departed and Shutter Island ahead of Silence. These fees are believed to be in the region of $1-1.5 million per film and up to 20% of his profits.

The complaint Gori has made to the courts claims that Scorsese never paid a delay fee for recent family film Hugo, and he is currently working on a new film Wolf of Wall Street, so they have said, "The Checchi Gori Parties cannot allow their rights to be ignored or compromised by further delay on the part of Scorsese and Sikelia."

They will make the case that Scorsese is in breach of contract and intentional misrepresentation.