Author JK Rowling has revealed that her best-known creation Harry "survives to book seven", although she refused to say whether he would grow up to be a wizard.

The author of the Harry Potter books was having some fun with young fans yesterday, at the Edinburgh book festival as she speculated about the future of the young wizard, according to The Guardian newspaper.

The author revealed that there were two key questions she had never been asked, whose answers would help to solve the Harry Potter mysteries.

Rowling said that readers should be asking themselves "not 'why did Harry live' but 'why didn't Voldemort die?'" The second question was: "Why didn't Dumbledore kill, or try to kill, Voldemort?"

The 47-year-old writer read a passage from her fifth Potter novel, The Order of the Phoenix. Her first reading at the Edinburgh book festival took place in 1997 when, as Joanne Rowling, she read to just 30 people in a teepee.