Russell Brand has said that he wishes he could have helped the late singer Amy Winehouse quit drugs.

The comedian admitted that he still feels guilty about not helping the Rehab singer get clean when he first realised she was struggling with the addiction.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Brand said: ''I got clean at the age of 27, the age Amy was when she died.

''Amy's death was a paradoxical unsurprising shock. I felt like I could have done something to help -- to give her the chance I had.

''When she died, it was this feeling of, 'Agh, I knew that was going to happen.' And I had this flickering sense that I should have done something about that.

''I feel a bit guilty that there was nothing I did.''

He added: ''I loved Amy on the basis that I thought she was really, really brilliant. I recognised that this person has got it, she has got this thing. She is not happy, she is on edge.

''She drank this glass of champagne and threw it over her shoulder once.

''I said, 'What are you doing that for?' She said. 'I was doing it to impress you.' I said, 'Well . . . don't', then she started flicking lit cigarettes around the room.

''That's when I got the sense of the ticking clock and spoke to other people, 'Hey, we need to do something'.''

The actor hopes to raise awareness about the way society treats drug addicts in his new BBC Three documentary, Russell Brand: From Addiction To Recovery which airs this Thursday at 9.00pm.