Stars of RTÉ's award-winning drama Love/Hate have revealed that Nige is very much in charge and set to create havoc when the drama returns for its third series.

At the launch of RTÉ's Autumn season this afternoon, Love/Hate’s Peter Coonan told RTÉ Ten that when his character, Fran, is released from prison, he turns to Nige for help. "Early on Fran is released from prison and he turns to Nige for some money and that is what kicks off the relationship between them." says Coonan.

"Other things happen within the series that brings them closer together and they start relying on each other. It wreaks havoc."

When asked if he thought if Fran would want to take over from Nige as leader of the gang, Coonan said: "I think at this point he is just focused on getting stuff back on track and he's not quite ready for that yet."

Nige became 'King' of the gang after John Boy was murdered at the end of the last series, leaving his lover Debbie desperate and alone. However, actress Susan Loughnane who plays the drug addict revealed that it hasn’t put a stop to Debbie’s bad behaviour. She said: "She is still getting up to trouble possibly even more so."

Debbie also had some flirtations with Tommy in series two, and Susan revealed there may be more dealings between the pair in the new series. "There are several women involved with Tommy this series," she says. "I think it is interesting what is going to happen, how it develops and how he can’t decided who he wants or what he wants to do, and he has his own obligations to Nige and his child."

Of course, Tommy also has obligations to his partner Siobhan, however actress Charlie Murphy admits all is not well between the couple. She said: "The is definitely trouble in paradise. Things are more heated and claustrophobic this time round. There are a few women in the picture. Certain things happen that create ultimatums in the relationship."