Keira Knightley has revealed that she doesn’t want to be an actress forever.

Despite being one of the most successful movie stars in the last 10 years, Keira Knightley has admitted that she doesn’t want to act forever.

The Pirates of the Caribbean star told Empire magazine that should quite like to have a job that allowed her to spend more time at home.

She said: “I suppose I don't necessarily like the idea of doing the same thing forever. I love acting because it allows me to be different and have different experiences, but there is a similar strain to it all the time.

''Would I like to have a job that meant I could spend a lot of time at home and have a social life? That might be quite nice. But equally, I love my job and I'm incredibly lucky to have it. I just don't know if it will be what I do forever.''

She added: ''I haven't a clue what I would do if I stopped acting. But I can imagine at some point thinking, 'I've scratched that itch, what's next?'"