Jeremy Renner has insisted that he is not “replacing” Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity.

The Avengers Assemble star explained that he’s not trying to replace Matt Damon’s iconic Jason Bourne character, but hopes to honour the successful film franchise with his brand new alter-ego Aaron Cross.

Speaking to FlickandBits, Jeremy said: ''What Matt Damon did, and what the previous directors have done, that was great. For those who love the franchise, I'm not replacing Matt, nor would I want to.

''It would never have been interesting if I was taking over and playing the same character. Matt is always the face of Jason Bourne and always should be.

''I liked this script because it was a very interesting way of continuing the story while honouring what came before.''

He added: ''To see what Tony Gilroy did with the new material and with this new character, it really opened up the world. For me, it was really exciting.

''At first I was hesitant, I wasn't quite sure how they would do it. But once I saw how clever it was I just jumped at the chance. It was a lot for me to play with.''

Jeremy further explained that the CIA thriller revisits the special agents in a unique way saying: ''I hope I can bring a fresh perspective to it. It doesn't veer into the CGI world or massive explosions.

''It stays authentic. It was important for me to want to find humanity within this character.''

The Bourne Legacy stars Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton and is set to hit cinemas on August 13.