One Direction were pranked by Nickelodeon when a woman pretended to go into labour before interviewing them.

Bandmates Louis and Zayn were in on the prank and Harry was the biggest victim as he even began helping the woman with her breathing.

Liam and Niall were also taken in by the act with Liam attempting to call her husband for help. Niall watched on in shock with Harry taking charge of the situation and sending him to find someone to help them out.

When the actress revealed they had been pranked Zayn and Louis erupted into laughter, delighted they had pulled it off, while the other three sat in stunned silence. Harry got the most abuse from his bandmates with Niall impersonating his breathing and Louis telling him how embarrassing he was.

At the end Harry said, "I was actually thinking this would've been a great press story, One Direction delivers child."

Watch the video here.