Danny DeVito has criticised the amount of remakes in movies and TV.

The Lorax star said that recent remakes of classic films and TV shows have "stunk," and he hopes his 1970s' and 80s' sitcom Taxi never gets updated.

Speaking to BBC Breakfast he said: "Taxi: The Movie? That's not gonna happen.

"All those [remakes]? They stunk. I remember Taxi, [those episodes] were exemplary. They got it right once years ago, now they just do it and do it and do it.

"[William Shakespeare], he's rolling over in his grave saying, 'Please leave me be!'"

Meanwhile, DeVito expressed interest about working alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger again saying: "I would do another movie with Arnold, no problem. Now that he's got all this politics out of his system. Because that was a fiasco.

"I was pitching him an idea for another Twins. We made so much money on Twins, it was obscene."

Danny DeVito can currently be heard as the main voice in a new adaptation of The Lorax.