Chris Pine has offered some hints about the plot of the upcoming Star Trek 2.

The actor plays Captain Kirk in JJ Abrams's rebooted franchise, and told Ain't It Cool News that the sequel will see the crew of the Enterprise still in the process of learning how to work as a team.

"What I'm more excited about and what I think they did so well is that really the story is that much better," Pine said, "and the journey that these guys go on is that much more.

"What they always talked about is that even though they're a crew from what we know about the original team, the fun of getting there is following that journey to where they become that tight-knit crew.

"It's no fun if they're already a tight-knit crew," he added. "So suffice it to say, they're still learning how to get along."

Star Trek 2 is due for release in May 2013.