Coronation Street actor John Michie has revealed that he has received a lot of female attention since joining the show.

The actor, who plays the part of gambling Rovers landlord Karl Munro on the hit TV soap, explained that he is often surprised at the amount of women he attracts when he is out with his castmates.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper he said: "I was out with some of the boys in the cast a few weeks ago, somewhere I was a little bit too old to be, and I was stunned by the reaction of younger women.

"I thought to myself, 'I should have joined this show ages ago!' There is a lot of female affection for Karl. Fans want photos and kisses on the cheeks. There was a lot of attention and we caused a bit of a stir.

"I'm a middle-aged man but all these young women came up. It was quite flattering and very surprising."

Michie said that he believes it is Karl’s charm that seems to attract female fans saying: "Karl is quite charming and he's a bit of a lad. Hopefully people dislike what he's done but actually, strangely like him."

He added: "We get loads of fan mail. Because Karl has this young female following, the mail can get a bit steamy. It makes me blush, actually. I'm blushing now.

"Women seem to love him. They think they're the one who could tame him. There is a lot of attention and affection for him from the ladies. People are attracted to dangerous people."