Helen Mirren has admitted that she was ''very, very nervous'' about taking on the iconic role of Queen Elizabeth in The Queen.

The actress, who was awarded a Best Actress Oscar in 2006 for her role as the monarch in The Queen explains that she was unsure about taking on the iconic role.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine she said: ''She's an icon all over the world. Everybody knows what she looks and sounds like.

''I knew I had to get those things right, but I wanted to go beyond a simple impersonation. So yes, I was very, very nervous.''

Mirren further explained that the death of Princess Diana depicted in the film must have been very difficult for the royal family.

She added: ''What business was it of mine? I can see they would have been conflicted, though, because as far as the royal family were concerned, Diana had presented a succession of difficult scenarios.

''And then her untimely death turned her into a martyr. So it must have been hard.''

Helen is currently filming biopic Hitchcock alongside Anthony Hopkins and Scarlett Johansson.