Kiefer Sutherland makes his small screen return tonight on Sky One with Touch, an emotionally-charged drama from Tim Kring, the creator of Heroes.

Sutherland had aimed to keep away from TV once 24 ended in 2010 after eight seasons but apparently he found the story of a widower and his gifted son irresistible.

New Yorker Martin Brohm (Sutherland), a former journalist-turned-airport baggage-handler, has been raising 11-year-old son Jake (David Mazouz) alone since the tragic death of his wife in 9/11, and it’s a constant struggle.

Jake is no ordinary child - he doesn’t speak, can’t bear to be touched (even by his father), and spends his day jotting down numbers and playing with old mobile phones that Martin brings home from work.

After several failed attempts to keep Jake in school, social worker Clea Hopkins (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), assesses the situation and decides that the best solution for everyone is to place Jake in foster care.

But everything changes when Martin meets Arthur Teller (Danny Glover), a professor and expert on children with special gifts. And Jake has a very special gift.

Communicating with numbers rather than words, he sees things that no-one else can, hidden patterns that connect seemingly unrelated events.

There’s no such thing as coincidence and it’s Jake’s job “to make the connections for those who need to find each other, the ones whose lives need to touch.”

Look out for Irish actor Simon Delaney – fresh from an appearance in The Good Wife - who has a minor role in the pilot.

Touch begins tonight on Sky One at 8.00pm