Mrs Brown's Boys topped The Jonathan Ross Show by over 2 million viewers last weekend in the UK.

The final episode of the Dubliner’s sitcom clashed with Ross’s ITV flagship show on a night his guests included David Beckham. But 6.32 million tuned in to see the Finglas comedian’s show as the ratings for Ross dropped to 3.92 million.

"It's just the perfect end to the series — wow!,” said the 56-year-old O’Carroll. "I am chuffed beyond description. So proud of the family and the rest of our crew and cast.” The cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys also includes O’Carroll’s wife Jennifer Gibney, son Danny and daughter Fiona.

O’Carroll also speculated on the likelihood of his appearance on the Graham Norton show ahead of the new series of Mrs Brown’s Boys in September. "I will be going on Graham's show if they ask me,” he said. "But I won't be going on as Mrs Brown - she never leaves the stage as far as I'm concerned."