Angelina Jolie and Pedro Almodovar have joked that some day they may work together.

The A-List actress and Oscar winning- director met on the red carpet at a Golden Globe event in Los Angeles on Saturday. Almodovar was being interviewed at the ceremony for best foreign language film, at which first-time director Jolie was also present, when the girl interrrupted.

"When are you going to give me a part? Someday?" Jolie asked the director of All About My Mother.

"Don't worry, you're young," a surprised Almodovar replied.

"But you promise that someday?" said 36-year-old Jolie.

"Yes, absolutely. This is a commitment in front of the cameras," Almodovar said. He also reminded Jolie that they first met at the end of the 1990s after the actress had completed Girl Interrupted for which she bagged her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

"I love her," Almodovar said later, adding that he was working on a project set in New York that could be filmed in the US in English if "the right script" can be found.