A new Irish film production based on the Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol has been released.

In an industry first, director Jason Figgis's adaptation of the classic Dickens' tale was cast, crewed, financed and distributed via Facebook.

Take a look at the film's Facebook page here, where you can rent the whole adaptation or watch a preview clip.

This is the first new production based on a work for Dickens to premiere in 2012, the writer's bicentenary year.

Figgis's version of A Christmas Carol was made over two years in and around Dublin on a budget of under €1,200, with everyone working for nothing and has been warmly approved by The Dickens Fellowship.

"I am delighted, honoured and humbled that The Dickens Fellowship have approved the film and are offering it to all their members and others via their official website, especially in this very important year for them," Figgis told RTÉ Ten.

"I decided to engage with the challenge of a Dickens adaptation because if we pulled it off for such a micro budget for the bicentenary this year, then we would really have achieved something.

"The Dickens Fellowship approval then came as a thrilling bonus as this foundation represents Dickens work since his death."