Doctor Who star Matt Smith has said the show's upcoming Christmas Special will have a "Narnia-esque shape and feel".

In an interview with the Radio Times, the actor continued: "Whereas last year felt more like a Christmas romp, there's a slow-burning, ethereal magic to this.

"We've covered a whole forest in snow. The scale is vast and there's just something wonderfully magical about it because it's never that snowy in this country, except maybe in Scotland... and on the telly. It does it for you: all the snow and the lovely smell of the pine trees. I'm really, really looking forward to Christmas now."

Smith also told the magazine he has been doing his own stunts for the show, one of which involves a giant fireball.

"Believe me, the fireball does so much of the acting for you. It was only afterwards that I realised I could have been seriously charred," he said.

"I've been really enjoying it. Hopefully we'll see more action/adventure-y Doctor next season."

Among those making appearances in the Christmas special are comics Alexander Armstrong, Arabella Weir and Bill Bailey.

Longtime Doctor Who fan Bailey said appearing on the show was
"the equivalent of a knighthood".