Susan Boyle's new album, Someone to Watch over Me, is out on Friday November 4, and RTÉ TEN is giving you the chance to listen to the record, and find out what each of the songs means to the singer.

Someone to Watch over Me reunites Boyle with producer Steve Mac and among the songs they've recorded are renditions of Unchained Melody, Both Sides Now, Enjoy the Silence and Mad World, and new material This Will Be the Year and Return.

Boyle says of her song selection: "There are certain songs that I liked that resonated with the letters that people had written and sent to me. I knew that’s what my record needed to be about. They wrote about grief, love, happy and sad times, it was all deeply moving and the songs mirror the emotion and life experience."

You can hear the songs using the player above, and below are Boyle's thoughts on each of the tracks:

You Have to Be There: Well, this song makes a demand on God's presence. It raises questions as to whether or not he can be there when needed. It's a powerful song. It was written by Benny and Bjorn from Abba and originates from their musical Kristina. It's very evocative and emotional.

Unchained Melody: Well, that was first made famous by the Righteous Brothers during the Sixties. It's about a broken relationship but it's a love song, and I really like the different arrangement of this version. I'm sure people will see the name and think 'oh again!' But this one's totally different and is quite surprising.

Enjoy the Silence: This is a foray into a whole new genre of music. It's a move away from the normal for me and the type of songs I'm used to doing and I hope it will appeal to a younger audience.

Both Sides Now: It is what it says in the title. It's reflective, somebody looking back on their life - the way I see it and saying nothing really surprises me anymore. But when you get to my age what does surprise you? If you look at things from both sides, it means you've been involved in life and what life throws at you and nothing really shocks you anymore, does it?

Lilac Wine: Lilac Wine was made famous by a lady called Elkie Brooks. I love the song because it's one of your classic power ballads, but the way we've handled it here... It's much more gentle.

Mad World: Mad World, that's about social comment. It's as though your eye is a camera and you're looking outward and observing. It's a very surreal song.

Autumn Leaves: That's about the end of summer, when everything is dying and leading into winter. It's about losing someone you love. This song reminds me very much of the death of my mother five years ago and being left alone and how I felt at the time. It's a very sad and emotional song. It's about missing someone, but you don't realise that at the time because you are too busy focusing on other things until they are gone and you are left with a big hole in your world.

This Will Be the Year: This song reminds me about New Year and the resolutions we make but really can't keep. You always say that but never really follow it through. It looks back at the old year but it's also a very optimistic song as it looks forward and gives you an inner strength. This will be the year that I show them what I can really do and what I'm made of and make this album really work. That's the personal message I got through this song. It's definitely an optimistic song.

Return: Well, it's about people who have gone away. It's an emotional song and reflective as well because when you live without that other person it's as though a part of you is away as well. And although this song is very poetic and dramatic it also has those other connotations as well. It's very poignant.

Someone to Watch Over Me: This is a very bluesy, jazz type number. It's by Gershwin and again, it's a change from my normal sound.