U2's Bono has given singer Florence Welch tips on performing in high heels.

The Florence and the Machine singer revealed that the Irish star was happy to give her advice when she supported the band on their US tour earlier this year.

The Sun quotes her as saying: "Bono was great. He gave me advice on how to perform even when I'm wearing huge high heeled shoes. He told me how to keep my feet on the spot and use my arms."

Welch also revealed that she gave up alcohol during the gruelling U2 tour as her voice could not cope with the stress.

She explained: "I have stopped drinking on tour. I feel a bit more responsibility for my body and for the fans who come to see us.

"When we toured with U2 it was such a gruelling schedule. I had shows every day and I can't do that with a hangover. So I've been good to myself.

"When I'm living in London or out with friends it's quite easy to let your hair down and go out partying but when it came to the tour, I thought I had my fun.

"This is the best job in the world and I don't want to spoil it."