EastEnders' Jodie Gold (Kylie Babbington) puts her wedding day disaster behind her for a few moments when she shares a surprise kiss with an Albert Square resident.

Warning: spoiler alert!

Daily Star Sunday reports that Jodie and Anthony Moon (Matt Lapinskas) will kiss when the two are searching for a missing cat.

However, Jodie's friend Poppy Meadow (Rachel Bright) likes Anthony, so there could be problems ahead.

A source said: "Anthony can't decide whether he likes Poppy or Jodie. But it's Jodie he kisses.

"She is a little taken aback but ends up kissing him back. She is still mending her broken heart after everything that happened with Darren (Charlie G Hawkins) so it's a huge step for her.

"She likes Anthony as a mate and never looked at him in a romantic way before their kiss.

"But she and Poppy have never let a man come between them. Poppy may have something to say to Jodie when she finds out they have kissed."

The kiss will be shown on the Thursday November 3 episode of the soap.