Keith Duffy has revealed his surprise at Westlife's split. Speaking with RTÉ TEN, the Boyzone member and Coronation Street star, wondered why Westlife didn't take the same route as his boy band.

“I wasn’t surprised by the news but I was surprised by the announcement that they were breaking up,” he says.

“These days you can take some time off, do your own thing and then come back and make another album or whatever. So I don’t understand why they announced they were splitting.”

Duffy knew the band members well: “Westlife started their career on our stage.

"They opened our show for years before they went out on their own. Back in the day they used to come out on stage do a number with me.

"I had a song I used to do with Ronan but then the Westlife lads used to take turns and duet with me when we did a tour of Europe.”

So with Westlife’s passing does that mean less competition now for Boyzone? “We are dormant at the moment,” he added.

“We finished a big tour last April but we’ll never break up. We’re together forever now, it’s only a case of how often we work together. I think the next big thing for Boyzone will be 2013 which marks our 20th anniversary."

Meanwhile you can catch Duffy’s continuing adventures as an actor on Coronation Street and on stage in Druid’s production of Big Maggie which opens at the Town Hall Theatre in Galway on November 11.

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