Kristen Dunst likes receiving negative reviews from critics.

The 29-year-old actress has revealed that she doesn’t mind receiving negative reactions from critics, as she would rather her work be talked about, than praised and then forgotten.

Speaking to the Independent On Sunday newspaper the actress said that she didn’t mind the hostile response to her latest movie Melancholia saying: "It’s a good sign. It’s better than. ‘That was good’ and move on to the next."

She added: "Even if you don’t like this movie, it’s gonna mess with you somehow or make you really angry."

Dunst added: "What I’ve noticed in myself is when I’ve got really angry with films, there’s sometimes something in me that I didn’t want to see, that I was feeling but didn’t even know it yet."

Recently at the Cannes Film Festival Melancholia director Lars von Trier caused controversy by making some inappropriate anti-Jewish comments. However, following his apology Dunst said that she would work with him again saying: "Yes he said sorry … in his way. Would I work with him again? Yes."