U2 front-man Bono believes the band will stick together until they die.

They have already been around for an astounding 35 years, but Bono has reassured fans that the rock band will not be going their separate ways any time soon.

The With Or Without You singer explained that the band are so defined by their roles in the band that they are otherwise ‘unemployable.’

Speaking at the From The Sky Down documentary launch at the Toronto Film Festival Bono said: “We're unemployable, you know, it's like the priesthood. There's only one way out, in a coffin.”

The film centres on the making of the album in Berlin, which helped the band's reinvention, and is directed by Davis Guggenheim.

Speaking about the making of the documentary, which is based on their 20-year-old album, Achtung Baby, Bono revealed: “I found it very hard to watch to be honest with you. We're not very good at looking back at things.

I mean Edge - when he put together our Best Of collections - forced me, actually had to physically force me, to listen to it before it went out.”

Bono continued to explain that he would rather focus on the future instead of the past saying: "I'm just not interested in what we've done, I'm always more interested in what we're about to do. But you know, for this album, we made an exception."