Ryan Tubridy has spoken to RTÉ TEN about his decision to quit Twitter.

Tubridy explained that Twitter was becoming too much of a distraction.

He said: "I had fun, I think it’s a great medium. I think people should do it, and tweet and have fun doing it.

"But when you’re running around trying to do a radio show and a chat show and then have a life after that then it’s probably a medium too far, so that’s why I said: 'Look, give it a rest'."

When asked if his decision was caused by negative comments from other Twitter users Tubridy said: "If I had found stuff hurtful that was said about me on Twitter I would have left two days after I started.

"When you’re a professional show-off you get stuff thrown at you and I accept that. You know what, totally up for that, thick enough skin."

The 38-year-old broadcaster informed his 60,539 followers in his valedictory tweet last night of his surprise decision.

He wrote: "Dear Twitter, this is my last tweet.

"It's been lots of fun but I must leave. No drama, just not enough time. Thanks and take care. #goodbye. The Tubridy Radio Show and Late Late Show will have well attended Twitter accounts as I leave this curious social medium."

Tubridy’s online goodbye prompted a number of responses from the Twitter community.

One tweeter wrote: "For Tweetdeck users, search @tubridytweets and you'll see what he's put up with. Don't blame him. Good luck Ryan."

Another tweeted: "I don't understand — you were made for Twitter, you made me love it. Don't leave."

Tubridy was one of the pioneering members of the ‘Twitterati’, an avid contributor to the social medium with more than 5,000 tweets posted on his page.

But for now it’s #goodnight and good luck.