TV magician Paul Daniels was reportedly been hospitalised after being hit with a pizza by Sooty the puppet. The accident happened during the shooting of a scene for the new ITV series, The Sooty Show. According to The Sun, the happy-go-lucky puppet was just having a bit of fun when the pizza connected with the magic man’s head on the second take.

(see clip of The Sooty Show here)

Daniels, who was left dazed by the incident, received medical attention on set and was later taken to A & E where he was treated for suspected head injuries and a black eye. Sooty was undamaged in the incident.

It's magic! (see clip of Paul Daniels in action here)

"Paul was such a good sport and so professional," a source told the paper. "He's insisted they use the scene where he got injured, not the first one.

"Well, he did suffer for his art, so it would be a shame to waste it. And after all, it's only a puppet!"

Daniels’ agent said of the incident: "It damaged his eye. We had to go to hospital. But he's made a full recovery and is about to go to the Edinburgh Festival for a month."

The 73-year-old also got a 'pizza the action' with his own Twitter report. "All that happened was that I got hit in the eye with a pizza and called into a lovely local hospital on the way home to have it checked," he wrote on Twitter.

The Sooty Show will be seen on ITV1 later this year.