Hollywood director Steven Spielberg has admitted that he is an old-fashioned man at heart.

The star, who has directed a plethora of blockbuster films including the Jurassic Park series, explained that he is impressed by modern technology but he craves “homemade” products.

Speaking to Empire magazine, Spielberg said: "All kids have to do these days is take their cellphone, flip it open and make a movie, but I like the way it started,"

"It wasn't a point-and-click art form, it was a craft. It involved solvents, photo-chemistry, cutting out poster board with industrial scissors and getting your fingers fused with Elmer's glue.

"It was all homemade stuff. If I was a chef, a microwave would be my worst enemy. I would want to do it the old-fashioned way."

"My dad used to film our camping trips. He'd put the camera outside the window as we were driving along, and all you'd see was a blurring, brown motion of the Arizona desert streaking past. It got to the point where I begged him to be the videographer."