A neighbour of Irish rocker Bono has said that she is getting tired of his pet peahen coming into her garden and she is worried that it will get knocked down.

According to The Star, Bono’s pet has been trespassing on Susan Barrett’s garden in Dalkey since the weekend and she is not happy.

She said: “I’m fed up with having it. It’s a nice little thing but there’s piles of poo everywhere and it’s disgusting.”

“To think it could go out on the road and be killed,”

“You know it’s frightened and she’s not in her own environment.”

“I don’t want the responsibility of having the bloody thing in my garden. I want it to go back home,”

By Tuesday night, a group of local kids had turned up at Barrett’s house to have a look at the famous peahen.

Susan is hopeful that on Bono’s return from Glastonbury, something will be done about the animal.