'Life on Mars' Irish actor Jason O'Mara is set to play the love interest of Katherine Heigl's character in a comedy thriller called 'One for the Money'.

The actor, 38, from Sandycove co-starred with Heigl in 2008 in 'Grey's Anatomy' and in the new comedy she lands a job at a bail-bond company and has to track down his character, a wanted local cop.

'One for the Money' is a big screen adaptation of the best-selling 1995 novel and according to The Herald O'Mara will get to show off his dark side as vice cop Joe Morelli, who is wanted for murder.

O’Mara is no stranger to success having previously starred in the US version of ‘Life on Mars’ however his upcoming Steven Spielberg produced series ‘Terra Nova’ is set to make him a household name.

‘Terra Nova’ is an adventure series featuring a family from 2149 who travel back in time to ‘restart’ humanity and the first two hours of the show have reportedly cost €11m.

The show is already tipped to become the next ‘Lost’ and with Spielberg on board, ratings are expected to be enormous.