Actor Brendan Gleeson is planning to reunite with the director of his new film 'The Guard', John Michael McDonagh, on a new comedy-drama about a priest called 'Calvary'.

Speaking to before the New York premiere of 'The Guard' at the Tribeca Film Festival, McDonagh said: "During the course of editing I wrote another script with Brendan. There's been loads of stuff about paedophile priests, both in America and Ireland, so going back to writing the opposite, is what would be the right time to write about a priest who's a good man?

"It's dramatic, but it's got a lot of comedy, and it will be about a priest who is tormented by his community. Everyone in the village is sort of against him, so he's a good man but the characters around him will be darker so instead of him propelling the narrative, it will be him responding to other people."

McDonagh, the brother of playwright and 'In Bruges' director Martin McDonagh, continued: "I've written it for a county called Sligo, and the reason it's there is there's a town called Easkey where my mother is from, and it's one of the Top 10 surfing scenes in the world because of the rips they get. I wanted again a widescreen backdrop, surfers, there's sort of a meditative quality about the sea rushing in.

"Hopefully it will have more of those comedy elements, but I want a bit more of a philosophical element to it, as well."

'The Guard' will be released in Irish cinemas on Friday, 8 July.

The film is set in the west of Ireland where Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) finds his routine disrupted by the arrival of Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle), an FBI agent on the trail of cocaine smugglers.