Mel B has revealed that she is pregnant with her third child.

The former Spice Girl is expecting her first child with husband Stephen Belafonte this summer, and already has 12-year-old Phoenix Chi and three-year-old Angel Iris from previous relationships.

She told Hello magazine about how thrilled they are about the news: “We’re really excited. We wouldn’t have planned and waited for four yours to have a baby if we weren’t really excited about it and ready for it. Even though you can never really be truly ready.”

After Mel broke the news to her husband, he toasted the news with a glass of champagne.

Belafonte said: “I promptly got a bottle of Cristal champagne and said, ‘Baby, enjoy this glass because you can’t drink anymore!’ I must tell you, she really enjoyed that glass of Cristal.”

Mel B also said that they are not yet sure if they want to find out the sex of the baby: “I haven’t fully decided if I want to know or not. I’m over the first trimester, so I’m past the shady three months and on to safe territory. The first three months, I was pretty sick and tired, to be honest, which I’ve never been before.”

Mel B is the third Spice Girl to be currently expecting - along with Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton.