The five finalists for 'Eurosong 2011' and the host Ryan Tubridy have said that they are very excited about tonight's show.

Speaking about 'Eurosong', Ryan Tubridy said: "It's a strange night of Eurovision stuff. Anything can happen. It's one of my peculiar nights I have to say."

"As well you know, the Eurovision is very precious to a lot of people. They take it very seriously, very seriously."

"Some people love it in the same way people love the 'Rose of Tralee' and they love 'The Toy Show'. It's one of those big-ticket events and because this one is global it means a lot to people. So yeah, they take it very seriously."

You can watch tonight's show live here.

Contestant Don Mescall said: "Eurovision has always been a huge thing in our house over the years. It would be the one sort of big musical event every year."

Speaking about his song, he said: "It's a great song before the show. It's going to be a great song after the show, no matter what the result because the result can be kind of a lottery sometimes. So I'm really looking forward to singing it."

Wendy Vard, of The Vard Sisters, said: "It's our Olympics as a musician to go out there, to go to represent your country, the honour."

Nikki Kavanagh said of taking part: "For me it was always about finding the right song so when this song came along... I knew it was the one."

"It was what Ireland needed to bring it up to date within the Eurovision."

Tammy Browne from Bling said of the Eurovision: "I'm obsessed with it, absolutely 100%, from such a young age. This is all I've ever wanted to do."

Gari Deegan from Bling said: "Obviously anyone would love to represent their country doing anything so if we won it would be amazing to go to Germany."

Jedward said: "We're such big fans of Eurovision. It's amazing to think that we could have the opportunity of representing Ireland."

"We watch it every single year. It's amazing that we have a really good song, we've got a good stage performance, the whole presence. Everything is so positive."

"When we get up on that stage we're in a totally different world and we feel like that's what the whole of Europe needs to see. We need to capture everyone and get them to get on Planet Jedward."

Watch all of the acts performing in 'Eurosong 2011' tonight on 'The Late Late Show' at 9.35pm.

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