Jonathan Ross has revealed that his planned interview with George Michael was cancelled because it was considered too "inappropriate" for a post-X Factor audience.

According to Metro Last year, Simon Cowell, Ross and Michael came up with an idea for the tell-all interview shortly after the singer was released from jail for drugs offences.

However, the show, which was due to be broadcast after an edition of 'The X Factor' was apparently canned amid fears that the topics being discussed were too adult for Saturday night viewing.

Regarding the meeting with Michael and Cowell, Ross told Gaydar Radio: "We were talking about the kind of areas that would be tough in the interview, and the kind of tone of the interview, and would it be right to follow a show like The X Factor with a show that potentially deals with a lot of emotion.

"Some of the things George has told me about the last few years of his life and his childhood, which we would have covered in this interview, were very moving.

"At times, quite shocking. I think it would have been, perhaps, inappropriate."