Stephen Fry finished filming his cameo appearance on TG4's 'Ros na Rún' in Connemara yesterday and the show will air in early 2011.

The shoot depicted Fry as a confused English tourist who is lost in Connemara and wanders into 'Ros na Rún’s Tigh Thaidhg looking for directions.

To the intense amusement of Tadhg Ó Diréain (Macdara Ó Fatharta) and resident barfly, Séamus (Diarmuid Mac An Adhaistair), Fry’s character attempts to ask for directions as Gaeilge!

Tadhg and Seamus see an opportunity to exploit him to their mutual advantage but things do not turn out as they had planned!

Hugh Farley, Series Producer of Ros na Rún, said: “We really are delighted with how the shoot went with Stephen.

"He was an absolute pleasure to work with and I have to say that we were all very impressed with his command of the Irish language!

“We have written a storyline which plays to Stephen’s strengths and features two of Ros Na Rún’s best loved characters, Tadhg and Seamus."

Fry is currently shooting a new BBC TV series on minority languages called 'Planet Word'.

As part of a scheduled visit to Connemara to explore the origins of the Irish language, Fry’s production company approached 'Ros na Rú'n to see if he could appear in the show. The production company will also shoot behind the scenes of 'Ros na Rún' and include it in 'Planet Word' which is due to air on the BBC next year.