Eminem has reportedly admitted that he had a serious drug addiction and has compared himself to Michael Jackson.

In an interview with Rolling Stone the rapper, real name Marshall Mathers, said he entered rehab after becoming addicted to prescription medication in 2005, following his 2005 'Anger Management' tour.

Eminem said: "I was taking so many pills that I wasn't even taking them to get high anymore. I was taking them to get normal...I want to say in a day I could consume anywhere from 40 to 60 Valium. And Vicodin? Maybe 20, 30.

"My everyday regimen would be, wake up in the morning and take an extra strength Vicodin...and it'd be Vicodin throughout the day.

"Then, as the evening crept up...I'd start with a Valium or two, or three, or four. And every hour on the hour, I'd pop four or five more. The Ambien would put me over the top to go to sleep."

The artist compared his addiction to that of Michael Jackson, who died in June 2009 after an overdose of Propofol.

He said: "It's very similar to what I've read about Michael. I don't know exactly what he was doing, but I read that he kept getting up in the middle of the night, asking for more. That's what I was doing."